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Healthy eating should be easy, which is why we offer a wide variety of meal plans to fit seamlessly into your daily life. All recipes are curated using safe ingredients and easy to follow steps, sure to suit your style.


Get involved with the bigger picture. MEET THE GROWERS

Get involved with the bigger picture.





Wellness begins with ingredient integrity. That means knowing where your food comes from. What better way to learn than to support your local growers? 

We have partnered with area farmers + ranchers who practice sustainable agriculture. Rest easy knowing the pastured proteins are free of soy, GMO feed, hormones or antibiotics + fresh produce is cultivated through organic, toxic free harvesting methods. 

Working with Nikki completely changed my body and the way I view my health. My goal was to go down a size and I went down two sizes in two months. Not only that, but how I view my relationship with food and what I put into my body has completely changed as well. I have more energy and feel better overall.
— Jessica, Private Client, 8 Weeks
I have gone through two 5-day shred camps with Nikki and both times were amazing. I don’t think I could have done it with just anyone. Nikki is encouraging, answers all our questions (even the ones you didn’t know you had) and truly knows her stuff. I learn so much from her. She will also pick you up if you fall, brush you off, and help you feel stronger than when you started!
— Lynda, SHRED Member
I learned how good and whole food can truly fuel my body for energy. I no longer feel that afternoon “slump” that had me searching for some kind of quick energy boost in the form of something not very healthy.
— Sarah, Private Client, 6 Weeks
First, Nikki is an amazing person with so much passion and knowledge, she is like a little ray of light that makes you feel so good about yourself, I really appreciate having her voice of reason in my head. Second, the recipes are amazing! She has such a talent for taste and flavor! This is the first “way of eating” that feels so natural and not like I’m deprived of food. My body AND mind work better than they have in a long time. Cravings are gone, sluggish body and mind....GONE!
— Natalie, Private Client, 6 Weeks
Nikki is fantastic. I knew I needed to make changes but didn’t know where to start. Nikki made it easy, fun and encouraging! She was there and always available to help and answer questions. I can’t thank her enough! And best of all- I had amazing results!!
— Mariel, SHRED Member